Exalted is ALLAH from Whom we come and to Whom we shall return. Surah 36, Ya Seen

"And when it is said to them: Spend from that which ALLAH has provided for you, those who disbelieve say to those who believe, Should we feed one whom, if ALLAH had willed, HE would have fed? You are not but in clear error." [36:47]

"So let not their speech grieve you. Indeed, We know what they conceal and what they declare." [36:76]

"So Exalted is HE in whose hand is the realm of all things, and to HIM you will be returned." [36:83]

Ya Seen, 36:1-21 - part 1

Ya Seen, 36:22-43 - part 2

Ya Seen, 36:44-63 - part 3

Ya Seen, 36:64-83 - part 4