Surah 55, Ar-Rahman or The Compassionate or The Beneficent or The Most Merciful or The Most Gracious ...... consists of 78 ayaat or verses in all.

"Bismillaahi-r-Rahmaani-r-Raheem" [In the Name of ALLAH, The Compassionate, The Merciful] is a formula for invoking ALLAH's assistance which heads every Surah or Chapter of the Holy Qur'an, with the exception of Surah 9.

"Ar-Rahman" is a name or attribute by which ALLAH is called upon. Ar-Rahman is but one of many names which refers to ALLAH's several attributes of Compassion, Love, and Mercy, etc.,!

In ayah 110 of Surah 17, Bani Israel [the Children of Israel], ALLAH makes it perfectly clear that HIS worshippers are permitted to call upon HIM by HIS attributes. "Say [unto the people]: Call upon ALLAH, or call upon Ar-Rahman: By whatever name [or attribute] you call upon HIM, [it is well]. HIS are the Most Beautiful names [or attributes]......." [17:110]

"Ar-Rahman [The Most Merciful]! It is HE Who has taught the Qur'an" [55:1-2]

"Blessed is the Name of your LORD, The Owner or Possessor of Majesty and Honor." [55:78]

Ar-Rahman, 55:1-78